Invest in your career with these 3 key lessons

September 30, 2021

Like many of you, I grew an interest in investing during the recent pandemic.

One day, when I was thinking about my long-term investment strategy, a thought struck me:

Isn’t managing my career growth much like managing an investment portfolio?

When you look at your career as an investment, you will gain clarity and new perspectives.

Here are 3 insights I gleaned from my investing journey:

Invest in your career long-term

When discussing about careers, a question that commonly arises is:

Should I take a higher paying job, or one that is lower paying but is a more lucrative role/industry in future?

Given that most of us will likely be working 40-50 years of our lives, it is wise to think of our career in a long-term horizon.

Just like long-term investing strategies, unless you are looking to do trading and make a quick buck, approach your career portfolio with the long run in mind.

Think about which career choice gives you the best option to flourish in future. This is also highly related to the second lesson.

Ride the trends and tailwinds

When you invest, it is probably wise to focus on industries rising in importance for the future, and avoid sunset industries.

Similarly when you make career choices, it is often also best to choose the one aligned with the future you believe in.

As you look at the next 10-20 year horizon, what are the industries and trends you believe will rise in value?

Position yourself now such that you will be able to catch these rising waves and ride on them in future.

Growth is not easy

Every meaningful career will have important learning opportunities. But each growth opportunity can also be a challenge.

When faced with such challenges, it can seem quite daunting.

But recognize that the more you are paid, the harder the problem you are paid to solve.

You will naturally be thrown you out of your comfort zone, but that’s exactly how you learn and grow.

Instead of focusing on the daily ups and downs, try to step back and focus on the overall growth of your career.

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