The Definitive Guide to Job Search Websites in Singapore [2021]

September 23, 2021

Welcome Job Seeker!

If you are reading this guide right now, you might have been desperately scouring through different job search websites and job portals.

You are probably looking for some help and inspiration in your job search. I can completely empathise. I have also searched for a full-time job for half a year.

This process has been frustrating and frankly, depressing at times. But as I was going through this stressful job search process, several thoughts surfaced:

“Why not use this opportunity to document all my efforts put into my job search?

Why not share this job search journey with others who might be on the same path?”

And this guide was born.

I understand that finding jobs is a real pain.

  • When you are scouring through job search websites to find interesting jobs, only to see that they require 3, 4, 5 years of experience (or more! for entry-level roles?!);
  • Or when they are looking for ready-made, perfect candidates with different skills and relevant experiences;
  • Or when there are many job search websites in Singapore that can be hard to navigate and make sense of.

I can fully empathise with this torture.

Unfortunately, I cannot give you a job offer.

But hopefully with this guide to job search websites, you can find better job openings and ultimately have an easier job search.

To make sense of this large number of job portals, I have categorised them into a few groups:

1) Up and Coming Disruptors

This group of job search portals each has their own unique proposition that seeks to disrupt and improve our modern job search process.

2) Niche Players

This group of job search websites is tailored towards specific groups of jobseekers by offering niche categories of jobs.

3) The Old Guards

These are your household names: job search websites in Singapore that have been around for a long time. Let’s get right into it!

Up and Coming Disruptors


We start this guide by introducing TalentTribe: This is a really interesting career platform founded by a pair of Millennials.

What I find most unique about them is that they also uncover the veil behind many companies, giving us audiences an inside look into the company’s culture, and more!

TalentTribe helps jobseekers to discover more about different companies and careers, through interactive videos and interviews with employees of these companies. Some of the companies they have featured include Shopee, Changi Airport Group, Singtel and many others.  

As undergraduates or fresh graduates, we might not ever have the chance to visit or interact with these companies. This is a great alternative option to visit and interact with these companies virtually.  

Recently, they launched their own version of a Jobs feature too: In particular, I like their clean and easy to navigate user interface. There are also a good and large variety of jobs to choose from and you can easily filter via job type and other attributes.


This Japan-based HR job platform offers a bunch of interesting internships and full-time jobs, with companies ranging from established companies to startups, and everything in between. Their focus is on providing jobseekers with the jobs they love, and creating a world where “people are excited about their work”.

I love how you can also easily sign up for an account with your existing LinkedIn account (another good reason to stay active on LinkedIn)!  

At your profile, there’s a whole long page of details that takes some time to properly go through and complete. As you are doing so, there are also helpful indicators of your profile’s quality with a "Wanted score" at the top right corner.

After you have completed this profile, go forth and apply to all the jobs to your heart’s content!

In each of the job postings, they also make sure to include aspects such as ‘What We do’, ‘Why we do’ and ‘How we do’, to give a more in-depth look into each company and to build mutual interest between the jobseeker and the employer.  

Pro tip: Be sure to fully fill up your profile before choosing applying for the job – they will use this profile and not prompt you to upload your resume again.


‘You are Wanted!’ What an encouraging tagline, much needed in this excruciating job search journey.

Jokes aside, the Wanted job platform has several unique features, one of which is its referral program: Refer someone you know to a suitable job on the platform and earn a good buck! This is based on their belief that referrals are a more effective way of recruitment and hiring.  

Another interesting feature is their Matchup feature, where you can complete your resume on the platform to potentially receive interview offers directly from hiring managers. In essence, instead of searching for jobs, companies search for you instead.

While the website is rather clean and easy to navigate, a slight concern that I have is with regards to the number of jobs they have: There have only a small number of companies on the platform - and while there are good quality, well-known companies, it makes for a relatively underwhelming job search.


Many of you readers may be no stranger to Glints. They have previously made the headlines on multiple media channels as the group of founders who gave up scholarships and university education in America to start the business.  

Their platform is very well designed and very easy to navigate, with a huge range of job listings in different functions. They also have an extensive depository of career-related resources in their Hired blog, ranging from general career advice, career hacks to career advancement advice specific to different roles!  

If you prefer hanging out on social media, they have a really interesting Instagram account too! They share many career tips and advice in bite-sized forms to help you get a step closer towards your dream job.

Niche Players


When I was still in university, I was often on the lookout for interesting internships to take on. Today, students can easily find internships with websites like worksider, where they offer a range of internships of various roles.

Screen Shot 2020-03-04 at 11.08.17 PM.png

Not actively looking for an internship? You can also get notified of their latest internships through their Telegram channel, which currently boasts over 15,000 members.

They will regularly post internship and job openings they have, so you can just browse at your convenience. Go to the worksider website and search when you are eagerly looking for an internship, Best of both worlds!


Cultjobs is an interesting niche job search website, targeted at jobseekers looking to join the creative industry. Some jobs that are available include areas in Design, Arts, Content, PR, Marketing and social media.  

It is a rather simple and straightforward job portal as well, and its main appeal is definitely its focus on the creative industry. It is also regularly updated with new jobs – either relevant to creative or business aspects in the creative field.

They too have their own Cultjobs Profile – where a jobseeker can easily set up a profile and keep track of all his/her job applications. In fact, you can easily set up a profile with your existing LinkedIn account too!

Tech in Asia Jobs

Tech in Asia jobs offers a large variety of jobs specifically in the Tech and Startup space, with a large range of functions and locations available, even beyond Singapore.

Author’s Note: For Singaporean audiences, do remember to specify ‘Singapore’ in the Location tab, or any other country that you would like to work in!

Similar to other websites, it allows for jobseekers to create a profile – this includes adding your resume, skills and portfolio. Once this is set up, it can be easily used to apply for other jobs in a fuss-free manner.  

Another unique feature they have is a Jobs Recommendation function – sharing jobs that you might be interested in based on the skills you have indicated in your profile.

Author’s note: While this can be helpful, I somehow prefer the process of personally scrolling through jobs and possibly finding gems from the pack! This is a personal preference though, feel free to also let me know if you find this feature useful!

Old Guards

LinkedIn Jobs

This is a site that needs no introduction. But for the sake of the unfamiliar, LinkedIn is not just a ‘online resume’ platform but is also platform where you can actively make connections and apply for jobs too!  

As an established global job portal, there is definitely much to like about LinkedIn jobs: They recommend you jobs based on your past career interests, recommend you jobs based on your past viewing behavior, and have a bunch of helpful filters such as your experience level, location and more.  

Of course, you can also have the option to search for your job types, and even create job alerts for specific types of jobs. LinkedIn will then regularly send you recommended jobs based on the job alerts you choose!

Its major advantage is its huge depository of jobs as a highly established platform, especially with more established companies in general. It can also be useful to find out about new jobs and opportunities with posts from your first or second level connections on LinkedIn as well!

Of course, there is also a premium function where you will be a featured candidate!


Another one of the most established job search websites, Jobstreet is a household name that most should be familiar with.

A feature that is convenient is its profile feature: You can simply set up your profile once, and use this same profile to apply for many other jobs easily. When you are ready to apply, you can simply customize a pitch to the job listing and send in other details that were already previously filled in the profile.

Author’s Note: Of course, this is not to say that this is definitely the best way to go about job applications. In fact, I would argue against having one single resume to apply for all different types of jobs! Find out more about my thoughts on resumes here.

It also offers useful information in the job listings, such as whether the job offers similar salary to that of your desire. Jobstreet definitely also has a huge database of all types of jobs for all types of jobseekers.  

They also have an automated email system that regularly sends updates recommending new jobs and sharing jobs ‘right for you’. While the jobs they recommend do not necessarily fit what I am looking for, the effort is certainly commendable.


Similar to JobStreet, Jobscentral is another established job portal that has a huge depository of jobs available.  

They have a profile system that you are probably familiar with by now – allowing you to setup a profile and use the profile for all job applications. Another interesting feature is its database mining feature: It allows recruiters and employers to view your profile and contact you if they see a good fit.  

Interestingly, they also regularly send emails to tell you which employers have viewed your open profiles.

Author’s Note: I’m not too sure of the benefits of this system, but most  employers that have viewed my open profiles and called  were from financial services companies.

They also have an email system – but instead of recommending jobs, they often recommend learning courses that they have. In their email settings, you can choose to update your preferences regarding educational/training information if you are not interested in them.  

So there you have it: A whopping list of 10 job search websites that each have their own unique features!

If you are a job seeker, I definitely hope that this Comprehensive Guide To Job Search Websites will come in handy during this job search process for you.

If you have any other job search websites that you have found useful and is currently missing, feel free to reach out and I’ll update this list.

Till next time!  

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